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Horizon Managed Care Health Insurance Claim Form THIS FORM CAN BE DOWNLOADED FROM OUR WEB SITE AT www. I the undersigned authorize and request Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey to make payment for benefits which may be due herein to NAME OF HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL SIGNATURE OF INSURED TAX NUMBER Required NPI NUMBER SEE BACK OF THIS FORM FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION 0834 W0509 An Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Asso...
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we'll now move into our panel of examples of mobile technology being used for the Medicaid population our first speaker will be Earhart prep our CEO of horizon New Jersey health which serves about a million Medicaid and Medicare members in New Jersey under his leadership horizon New Jersey health has become a national leader for its managed long-term services and supports program and we're so pleased he's with us today to share their award-winning and innovative use of mobile technology in this program Thank You Katherine and I'm here I'm joined here with Gerry Boone who runs much of our managed long-term services and supports program so just a quick introduction we oversee about a million government programs members and you see that at the top of the slide 700000 Medicaid in about a hundred and forty thousand aged by and disabled or managed long-term services and supports members and we've been serving these more challenging and technical populations for several years now at this point part of why I came to New Jersey a few years ago was really because we have the opportunity I think to build from a long-term care perspective one of the the best programs in the country in my opinion and I've had the opportunity to work in many and will certainly talk more about that in the following slides so I think one of the things that's important as we think about technology I mean it really is an enabler and I think this statement really summarizes sort of our viewpoint and it's very important I believe from a cultural perspective for an organization to really think of themselves a little bit differently when we're working with some of our highest needs members of our society dr Berwick talked a little bit about that earlier and I think our approach and sort of what we're gonna go through here really shows that proactive care management with mobile technology really can work and drive down costs and increase quality at the same time so we really look at ourselves in terms of bringing the whole health plan out to the member we think our think think of ourselves as a social agency and then of course being able to leverage technology and it's certainly been recognized we're very proud of of the recognition that has been recognized by some of our partners one of the groups that has moved into managed care in the last couple of years are the TBI folks supported by the brain injury alliance of New Jersey and in fact they've recently recognizing us for the great work we've done in terms of increasing the coordination and quality to the members that they serve and minimizing disruption and then as you can see to the right we've received some technology awards from a couple of leading publications that we're very proud of as well but this next slide is kind of an overview but in a nutshell what we've done is we've taken the full power of a health plan and and we've made it mobile so...